Three Things that will Enhance Your Personal Security during Missions Abroad 

Traveling to Africa makes you an easy target. Be it in Bamako, Harare, or Pretoria among other cities; many expatriates often fall prey because criminals follow them believing they can make quick cash.

The security risks have now deteriorated with the onset of terror attacks that target populated areas and even malls. The company that has sent you can only do much through its duty of care obligation.

At a personal level, you can also do a lot to stay safe during the stay. Here are 3 things that will enhance your security at the personal level.

Maintain a low profile when on business mission

Often, many people will judge and make an immediate conclusion about you based on what they see. The criminal gangs will easily narrow to you if there is anything that makes them believe you are a high-value asset.

By taking a low profile means not using company labels that can make you a target. For example, many travel management plans recommend that you should change the apparel inscribed Citibank’ immediately after making the presentation.

To the people in the seminar, you are a perfect representation of the company that sent you. However, other people downtown the city need not know about your status.

Monitor local media and international reports on immediate society

The local media and regular reports are great sources of news and security updates. By checking on these reports regularly, it is easy to catch up the latest and stay safe. If a specific area in Addis Ababa, Nairobi, or Pretoria is unsafe, ensure to avoid it completely.

Checking on these local reports and using the selected travel risk management firm reports will keep you safer.

Maintain a lot of caution during holiday travel

Often, holidays in some parts of Africa have been turned into snatching and attack sites.

You have to be extra cautious. The best option is ensuring you have a professional guide and avoiding segregated areas.

For example, tourist and expatriates have in the past been snatched and kidnapped by militia when sunbathing in Kenyan beaches on the farthest end near Somali border.