Why You Must Pick A Highly Experienced Singapore Company Secretary?

For more than a decade, Singapore has become a special attraction to investors who want to accelerate their business growth. The strategic location of the country at the Heart of Asia and good relationship with neighboring countries makes running businesses easy and convenient. One of the main requirements when forming a company in Singapore is a company secretary. Here are the main reasons why you should only pick the best company secretary.

The secretary is the link between the company and the government

The first main objective of any company is being on the right side of the law. By picking the best company secretary, it is easy to understand the Singapore Company law and other related policies and how they affect a business.

  • Ensure that the secretary has good academic qualifications
  • Only pick the person with good experience

He is a crucial pillar in early company establishment

As a resident secretary, the individual is expected to have a deep understanding of the Singapore market.

This means that the company secretary can help the company set the right footing as it commences operations. For example, you can use the secretary’s connections and previous networks to reach other corporates and build networks.ctivez JavaScript dans votre navigateur si ce n’est pas déjà le cas.

A good secretary can enrich the company structure and objectives

A good Singapore company secretary brings a wealth of experience that the company can rely on to enrich its structure and core objectives.

Having worked as a secretary in other highly successful companies, the secretary can easily point to what will or will not work in the new company. This means that you can operate with the certainty of growth over time.  

Remember that if a company has a single director, he cannot serve as a company secretary. However, one of the directors can serve as the secretary if he resides in Singapore and the company has many directors.