Tennis : Rules and Business trigger

Tennis originated in England around the 19th Century and has grown to become one of the most popular sports in the world.

Since its discovery, tennis has developed into four major global tournaments, including the US Open, Wimbledon, French open, and Australia Tournament. 

Now, whether you target playing in the four major global tournaments, locally in your country, or as a recreational activity, the first step is understanding the tennis rules. So, here are the main rules that you need to understand. Tennis, like golf, is a real asset in the business ecosystem, think about it.

The Object of the Game

A tennis game is played on a rectangular court that has a net running across the center.

The primary goal of the game is hitting the ball over the net and landing it in your opponent’s margins in a way that he/she will not be able to return the ball. Every time that the opponent is unable to return your shot, you earn a point. 

Tennis Players and Equipment 

Tennis matches can either be singles (played by two people – one on each side) or doubles (played by four people – two on each side). You can play tennis in several locations in Singapore, this is pretty useful to practice anywhere in the city.

The tennis court is marked with a base line (positioned at the back), the service areas, and two tram lines on each side. So, when you are playing singles, you should use the inner side tram line. But if you are playing doubles, you use the outer tram line. 

Every tournament chooses the nature of the surface type and sticks with it permanently. The main tennis court surfaces include carpet, hard surface, clay and grass. 

When it comes to equipment, all which is required is a good tennis racket for every player and tennis balls


To win a tennis game, you have to score four points. And in tennis, the points are looked at differently when compared to other sports such as soccer.

In tennis, points are referred to as 15 (1 point), 30 (2 points), and 40 (3 points). The last one, fourth, gives you the winning point and marks the end of the game. 

Other Rules of Tennis Game 

  • A tennis game is started by tossing a coin to establish the player that will serve first.
  • Then, the server has to serve each point from opposing sides on the base line. When a player is serving, his/her feet should be behind the base line. 
  • If the server fails in the first serve, he has the opportunity to take advantage of the second one. But if he fails the second serve, he will lose a point. 
  • After a tennis serve is made, the number of shots between the competing players can be unlimited. To win a point, you need to hit a ball so that the opponent is unable to return it.
  • If you touch the net and distract/impede the opponent in any way, you lose a point.

When you decide to become a tennis player, understanding the rules will help you to enjoy every minute of the game.

So, master the rules we have highlighted above and keep learning others as you enjoy this beautiful game.