Planning for a Summer Holiday? Here are Five Reason why Georgia is the Best


Are you thinking of the next summer holiday destination for a long vacation and wondering about the best place? Well, wonder no more because we have just the perfect place for you – Georgia!

The country is located in the Transcaucasia, at the meeting point between Asia and Europe, meaning you will enjoy the best of both sides, from cultures to delicacies. Keep reading for more reasons why you should head to Georgia for the best holiday ever! 

The People 

One of the main reasons why a lot of travellers pick Georgia for their holiday is because of its people. Georgians are very welcoming and friendly. Furthermore, they are not subservient and their cultural level is impressive, making tourists to want to interact more with them and even revisit to meet the friends they made. 

You will be impressed by the way they love healthy debates and hold hospitality so dear to them. They fancy their culture, which is a rich blend of both Asian and European concepts, making Georgia capital of the globe in terms of hospitality, culture, and tradition. 

The Food 

The food you get in Georgia is so diverse, mainly based on the nation’s rural nature and rich culture. You do not want to miss the Kninkali, the Georgian version of dumblings, which can be filled with beef, mushroom, cheese, or potato. However, the most favorite is the khachapuli, a sort of pizza-like dough prepared with cheese, and served with different toppings. 

The Scenic Beauty 

Despite its size, Georgia has some of the most scenic sites in the entire Europe. On the northern part, around Svaneti and Kazbegi, you get to enjoy the picturesque Caucasus Mountains.

Their snowcapped tops are very impressive to watch all year round.

Other beautiful sceneries include the canyons and forests around Kutaisi and therapeutic sprint waters in Boromi town. No matter the region you prefer. The beauty of Georgia will be amazing.

Special Hospitality

AS we have already pointed out, Georgians are very hospitable. Immediately you alight at the airport or from a car, the reception will change your views about the country – so courteous and welcoming.

If you are lucky and get to visit one of the local Georgian home’s, no matter how humble or rich, you are treated like a queen or king.

If you are visiting smaller villages, the locals might even take care of you as if you are part of them. It feels so humbling that one would want to do just one thing – travel back and spend more time with these people.

The Perfect Opportunity for Tasking Fine Wine 

Wine has been made in Georgia for more than 7,000 years, and you will get some publications referring to the country as the birthplace of this drink.

The country is also home to more than half of the wine varieties on the globe, implying that you are sure of enjoying all sorts of wines in the country. Another awesome thing is that wine is prepared in the traditional way, and you will love seeing the process.

One of the favorite wines is Seperavi, a dry-red wine. 

The five reasons for visiting Georgia that we have listed above are only a scratch on the surface – Georgia has so much more to offer. You can also visit to learn about the rich Georgian culture, travel outdoors, and learn about the country’s history through art by top collectors, such as John Dodelande.

The truth about this country is that no matter the reason, Georgia will not disappoint!