Exercises To Boost Your Brain Memory in Hong Kong

All of us just love to maintain a good shape, right? We do exercise on a regular basis to stay healthy. But, exercising your mind is as important as staying fit. According to researches, a lack of brain exercises may have a huge impact on its proper functioning.

For this reason, it’s important to do some key exercises that can help boost your brain memory. 

Many people think of brain training as a great way to enhance their intelligence and sharpen their minds. There are many misleading claims surrounding brain exercises. However, these exercises are proven to be very effective for brain memory. 

Keep reading down to learn some of the exercises to boost your brain memory. 

What is Cognitive Training?

Also known as brain training, cognitive training involves several activities to improve your brain health. In other words, it is a combination of activities to boost your cognitive abilities.

There is an analogy that we can sharpen our cognitive abilities in a similar manner people improve their physical fitness by regular exercising.

Mental training programs are usually adaptive to offer optimum results. All you need is to use these programs properly. As a result, they can help improve your brain memory.

Apart from that, mental training is very beneficial for those people dealing with memory decline, learning challenges, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and language disorders. 

4 Brain Exercises For Better Cognitive Abilities in Hong-Kong

Some brain exercises can help build cognitive abilities in the similar way strength activities do build up the muscles. Here are four key exercises to boost your brain memory process:

Proper care of your whole body

Do you want to boost your brain memory? It all starts with taking care of your whole body. You must engage in healthy behaviors, such as regular exercising, eating vegetables, and no smoking.

All you have is to maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) for better cognitive abilities. 

Adding healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet can help boost your brain memory. Foods or vegetables you eat, of course, affect your brain functioning. Proper care of your whole body is crucial to improve your cognitive abilities. 

Draw a map from your memory

In today’s modern age, all of us rely on Google Maps to navigate through the roads. Doing so makes us believe that we know every single corner of the city.

But, that might not be the case when you will navigate next time without Google Maps. For this reason, it’s one of the best brain exercises to draw a map on the page from your memory. 

When drawing a map, make sure to add several landmarks that come across on the way, such as hotels and grocery stores. In the end, compare your drawing with the map.

You may not end up drawing an actual map, but it would help to boost your brain memory. Apart from that, work with mental health experts who can help craft cognitive training activities. 

Learn a new set of skills

Learning a new skill is a fun way to boost your brain memory. When you start learning something new, your brain cells remain active. As a result, it improves the ability of your brain.

Consider learning several skills such as singing and swimming. In addition, you can opt for learning some technical skills relevant to your professional field. 


Socially active people are at low risk of developing various brain-related diseases such as dementia. Socializing is a great way to boost the ability of your brain.

Most importantly, take part in social activities that include physical elements because they can benefit your mind in so many ways. For example, you can participate in a range of sports events depending on your physical ability.